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Floor Plan

Common Theme

"Disruptive Times-Opportunity or Threat for Marine Insurers?"


Daily Programme

  • Sep 16
  • Sep 17
  • Sep 18
  • Sep 19
  • Sep 20

Saturday, 16 September

Time Event Room (Location)
11.30-20.00 Registration/Hospitality Desk Foyer, B1F
12.00-14.30 Education Forum Business Meeting
Room No. 649, 6F
15.00-17.30 Audiovisual Preview Fantaisie, B1F
15.00-17.30 Secretaries Meeting Menuet, B1F
From 18:30 Transfer to President's Dinner  
Cocktails (by invitation only)
President's Dinner
Japanese Restaurant Kochuan

Sunday, 17 September

Time Event Room (Location)
08.30-19.30 Registration/Hospitality Desk Foyer, B1F
12.00-18.00 Press Room Harmonie, B1F
09.00-17.00 Audiovisual Preview Fantaisie, B1F
09.00-10.00 Nominating Committee Mimosa, 1F
09.30-12.30 Cargo Committee Palais Royal a, B1F
09.30-12.30 Ocean Hull Committee Palais Royal b, B1F
09.30-12.30 Loss Prevention Committee Palais Royal c, B1F
09.30-12.30 Inland Hull, Fishing Vessels and Yachting Committee Vendome, B1F
09.30-12.30 Facts and Figures Committee Etoile A, B1F
09.30-12.30 Legal and Liability Committee Etoile B, B1F
09.30-12.30 Energy and Offshore Committee Chatelet, B1F
10.30-12.30 Executive Committee Concerto, B1F
12:30-14:00 Lunch for Committee Members Hikari, 29F
13.00-14.30 Informal meeting for President, Members of the Executive Committee, Secretary General, Chairmen of the Technical Committees and Liaison Officers with the Press
(by invitation only)
Akatsuki, 29F
14.30-16.30 Political Forum Etoile A, B1F
16.45-17.15 Meeting for President, Secretary General and Committee Chairmen Pensee, 1F
17.15-18.00 First Timers' Reception
(First Timers, IPPs, EC, TC Chairmen)
(by invitation only)
Ginga, 29F
From 17.30 Transfers to Welcome Reception  
19.00-21.00 Opening welcome reception hosted by GIAJ Miraikan
Until 22.20 Transfers to Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba  

Monday, 18 September

Time Event Room (Location)
09.00-17.45 Optional Excursions for Accompanying Persons Meeting Point:
Hospitality Desk, B1F
07.20-08.40 Speaker rehearsal Palais Royal, B1F
08.00-17.30 Press Room Harmonie, B1F
08.00-18.00 Audiovisual Preview Fantaisie, B1F
08.00-18.00 Registration / Hospitality Desk Foyer, B1F
08.00-08.40 Tea, Coffee and Pastries Foyer, B1F
08.45-10.30 OPENING SESSION Palais Royal, B1F
08.45-08.50 Welcome, Introduction, call to order
Dieter Berg, IUMI President, Munich Re, DE-Munich
08.50-09.00 Welcome by the Host Association
Noriyuki Hara, Chairman, The General Insurance Association of Japan (GIAJ), JP-Tokyo
09.00-09.10 Welcome by Host City / Country
Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo, JP-Tokyo
09.10-09.40 Introduction of the Common Theme
Dieter Berg, IUMI President
09.40-09.50 IUMI Education Project
John Miklus, President AIMU, Chairman IUMI Education Forum, USA-New York
09.50-10.10 Keynote Speech
Innovation in Safety on Board
Koichi Muto, President, The Japanese Shipowners' Association, JP-Tokyo
10.10-10.30 Keynote Speech
Japan, a Trading Nation: The Progress of Marine Insurance
Kiyoaki Sano, President, The General Insurance Institute of Japan, JP-Tokyo
10.30-10.50 IUMI Council Meeting Palais Royal, B1F
10.30-10.40 1. Report of the Secretary General
Lars Lange, IUMI SG, DE-Hamburg
- Minutes of the 2016 Annual Conference Genova
- IMO from Oct 2016 to Sep 2017
- Secretariat's Activities 2016/2017
- Changes in IUMI TC Membership
- IUMI Policy Statement
- Announcements / Practical Information
10.40-10.45 2. Council Approvals / Determinations
Lars Lange, IUMI SG, DE-Hamburg
- Finances: Approval of the annual Accounts (Art. 11.5, 4.3 AoA)
- Report External Auditor (Art. 4.7 AoA)
- Determine Membership Fee (Art. 11.5, 4.4 AoA)
10.45-10.50 3. Report of the Nominating Committee
Tim Pembroke, Chairman Nominating Committee, Director of Marine / International Markets, QBE European Operations, UK-London
- Executive Committee (Art. 11.3 AoA)
- External Auditor (Art. 14.4, 11.5, 4.7 AoA)
10.50-11.20 COFFEE BREAK Foyer, B1F
11.20-13.00 Workshop "Facts & Figures" Palais Royal, B1F
11.20-11.50 Chairman's Report & Report on World Merchant Fleet and World Trade
Don Harrell, Chairman Facts & Figures Committee,
Aspen Insurance, UK-London
11.55-12.30 Global Marine Insurance Report
Astrid Seltmann, Vice Chair Facts & Figures Committee,
Analyst/Actuary, Cefor, NO-Oslo
12.35-12.55 Shipping & Trade, Offshore & Energy-a Market Outlook
Stephen Gordon, Managing Director, Clarksons Research, UK-London
12.55-13.00 Q&A and Take Aways
Don Harrell
13.00-14.30 LUNCH BREAK (Participants) Vendome, Etoile, Chatelet, B1F
Ginga, Akane, Hikari, Akatsuki, 29F
13.00-14.30 Lunch with Keynote-Speakers
(by invitation only)

Members of the Executive Committee, SG, Committee Chairmen, International Observers, Liaison Officers, Affiliates and IPPs with GIAJ Delegation
Niji, 29F
13.55-14.25 Speaker rehearsal Palais Royal, B1F
14.30-17.30 Workshop "Cargo" Palais Royal, B1F
14.30-14.40 Chairman's Report & Introduction
Nick Derrick, Chairman Cargo Committee,
Traveller's Syndicate Management, UK-London
14.45-15.00 IPP Presentation
Inspection of commodities: theory and practice
Fabrice Levesque, CL Surveys, F-Paris
15.05-15.30 A Close Look at the Japanese Cargo Market
Hisanori Uga, Manager, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., JP-Tokyo
15.35-16.00 Freight Forwarding Liability Insurance, multiple aspects of risks and solutions on a non-standardized Market
Frédéric Bécard, Cargo Practice Leader, Head of Marine Cargo International, AXA Corporate Solutions S.A., F-Paris
16.00-16.30 Coffee Break in the Foyer  
16.30-16.55 Smart Logistics - from the Marine Cargo Insurance perspective
Amanda Björk, General Manager, WK Webster (International) Pte Ltd, Singapore
17.00-17.30 Panel & Audience Discussion

Moderator: Nick Derrick, Chairman Cargo Committee, UK-London
Sean M. Dalton, Vice Chairman Cargo Committee, Head of Marine Underwriting NA, Munich Re America, USA-New York
John Minton, CEO, Minton, Treharne & Davies Group MTD, UK-London
Mike Roderick, Partner, Clyde & Co., UK-London
17.30-18.00 Meeting the Press Harmonie, B1F
18.30 Transfer to Secretaries' Dinner
(by invitation only)
19.00-23.00 Secretaries' Dinner
(by invitation only)
Restaurant Nichigekka

Tuesday, 19 September

Time Event Room (Location)
09.00-17.00 Optional Excursions for Accompanying Persons Meeting Point:
Hospitality Desk, B1F
08.15-18.30 Hospitality Desk Foyer, B1F
08.00-08.40 Speaker rehearsal Palais Royal A+B, B1F
Palais Royal C+D, B1F
08.00-17.30 Press Room Harmonie, B1F
08.00-18.30 Audiovisual Preview Fantaisie, B1F
08.20-08.40 Tea, Coffee and Pastries Foyer, B1F
08.45-11.00 Concurrent Workshop "Offshore Energy" Palais Royal C+D, B1F
08.45-08.55 Chairman's Report & Introduction
James McDonald, Chairman, Offshore Energy Committee, Talbot Underwriting, UK-London
09.00-09.15 IPP Presentation
Cover for Defects - Perception vs. Reality
Paul Lowrie, Partner, Clyde & Co., UK-London
09.20-10.00 FPSO Turret Design and Operational Integrity
Dr. Andrew Newport, Technology Director, SBM Offshore, MC-Monte Carlo
10.05-10.25 FLNG Technical Challenges
Spencer Clark, Director, Lloyd Warwick International, UK-London
10.30-10.55 Panel Discussion / Q&A
Sinking or Floating?

Moderator: James McDonald
Paul Lowrie
Dr. Andrew Newport
Spencer Clark
Alex Harrison, LOC Group Ltd., Member Offshore Energy Committee, AUS- Perth
Jan-Hugo Marthinsen, Gard AS, Member Offshore Energy Committee, NO-Oslo
10.55-11.00 Conclusion and Take Aways
James McDonald
08.45-11.00 Concurrent Workshop "Inland Hull, Fishing Vessels and Yachts" Palais Royal A+B, B1F
08.45-08.55 Chairman's Report & Introduction
Michael Csorba, Chairman IFY Committee,
Great American Insurance Group, USA-New York
09.00-09.15 IPP Presentation
Risks facing Ro-Ro carriers in coastal waters and ports
Friederike Quantmeyer, Worldwide Survey Coordination, Battermann & Tillery Global Marine GmbH, DE-Bremen
09.20-09.45 Fatal Ferry Accidents: Where, How and Why They Occur and How to Prevent Them
Neil Baird, World Ocean Council, AUS-Melbourne
09.50-10.15 Tsunami impact on the Fishing Industry and Coastal Vessels
Koji Okumura, Munich Re, Hong Kong
10.20-10.55 Current Topics in Yacht Underwriting
John Woods, Partner, Clyde & Co US LLP, USA-New York
10.55-11.00 Conclusion and Take Aways
Michael Csorba
11.00-11.30 COFFEE BREAK Foyer, B1F
11.30-11.40 "Meet the Sponsors"
Sponsors, IUMI President and Tokyo Organizing
Committee Representative
Palais Royal C+D, B1F
11.40-13.00 Workshop "Political Forum" Palais Royal C+D, B1F
11.40-12.05 Government intervention impacting the cost of claims
Capt. Jonathan Walker, London Offshore Consultants Ltd., Singapore
12.05-12.30 Class NK's perspective on regulatory developments - Low sulphur fuels & Ship digitalization
Masaki Matsunaga, General Manager External Affairs Department, Principal Surveyor, Marine Management Systems Auditor, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK), JP-Tokyo
12.30-13.00 Panel discussion:
To regulate or not to regulate - updates from current issues
Workshop speakers and members of the Political Forum
Moderator: Helle Hammer, Managing Director Cefor, Chair Political Forum, NO- Oslo
13.00-14.20 LUNCH BREAK (Participants) Vendome, Etoile, Chatelet, B1F
Ginga, Niji, Hikari, Akatsuki, 29F
13.00-14.20 Meeting of the Secretary General with the Organising Committee of the 2017 Tokyo Conference and with Representatives of the Cape Town (2018), Toronto (2019) and Stockholm (2020) Organising Committees
(by invitation only)
Concerto, B1F
13.00-14.20 President's Lunch (by invitation only) Akane, 29F
14.20-17.20 Concurrent Workshop "Ocean Hull" Palais Royal C+D, B1F
14.20-14.35 Chairman's Report & Introduction
Mark Edmondson, Chairman Ocean Hull Committee,
Chubb Global Markets Ltd, UK-London
14.35-14.45 IPP Presentation
Liability of a Pilot, recoverability & compulsory insurance
Faz Peermohamed, Partner & Global Head of Shipping, Ince & Co LLP, UK-London
14.45-15.10 Lloyd's Open Form - A time to innovate…
David Lawrence, Controller of Agencies, Lloyd's Agency Department, UK-London
15.10-15.45 Major Conversions and Associated Risk
Ed Wollaston, Shipping Technical Director, London Offshore
Consultants LOC, UK-London
15.45-16.15 Coffee Break in the Foyer  
16.15-16.40 The changing seascape of liner shipping: current and future challenges
Tomoyuki Koyama, Managing Corporate Officer, NYK Line, JP-Tokyo
16.45-17.10 Panel Discussion
Hull Insurance: Are we Commoditising a Complex risk?
Moderator: Mark Edmondson and Peter Townsend, AmTrust Underwriting Ltd, Member of the Ocean Hull Committee, UK-London
17.15-17.20 Conclusion and Take Aways
Mark Edmondson
14.20-17.20 Concurrent Workshop "Legal & Liability" Palais Royal A+B, B1F
14.20-14.25 Chairman's Report & Introduction
Frederic Denefle, Chairman Legal & Liability Committee, Garex, F-Paris
14.30-14.40 IPP Presentation
The current Japanese Law situation after 2006 / The amendment of Maritime and Transport Law
Shuji Yamaguchi, Partner, Okabe & Yamaguchi, JP-Tokyo
14.45-15.05 Unsafe Ports - implications of the OCEAN VICTORY UK Supreme Court judgement
Richard Neylon, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan LLP, UK-London
15.10-15.30 Hanjin One Year on: have Insurers' fears turned into reality?
Mike Roderick, Partner, Clyde & Co LLP, UK-London
15.35-15.45 Emission of ship-origin air pollutants and the possible influence on the legal and liability framework
Dr. Takeshi Yokoi, IMO Japanese Government Delegate, Ph.D. Chief Researcher, JP-Tokyo
15.45-16.15 Coffee Break in the Foyer  
16.15-16.35 The impact of disruptive innovation on the shipowner's liability
Manami Sasaoka, Associate Professor, Yokohama National University, JP-Yokohama
16.40-17.15 Panel Discussion:
Limitation of liability - ships are different-or are they?”
Moderator: Frederic Denefle
Andrew Bardot, Executive Officer, International Group of P&I Clubs, Member of the IUMI Legal & Liability Committee, UK-London
Kiran Khosla, Director, Legal Affairs, International Chamber of Shipping ICS, UK-London
Bruce Clayton, Executive Director Willis Re Speciality, Global Marine & Energy, UK-London
Jose Maura, Director, IOPC Funds, UK-London
17.15-17.20 Chairman's Conclusion and Take Aways
Frederic Denefle
17.30-18.00 MEETING THE PRESS Harmonie, B1F

Wednesday, 20 September

Time Event Room (Location)
08.15-08.40 Speaker rehearsal Palais Royal, B1F
08.00-18.00 Hospitality Desk Foyer, B1F
08.00-17.30 Press Room Harmonie, B1F
08.00-14.30 Audiovisual Preview Fantaisie, B1F
08.00-08.40 Tea, Coffee and Pastries Foyer, B1F
08.45-12.05 Workshop "Loss Prevention" Palais Royal, B1F
08.45-08.50 Chairman's Report and Introduction
David Taylor, Chairman Loss Prevention Committee,
Europe & International Marine Director, Royal Sun Alliance, UK-London
08.55-09.20 Weather Risk Management - Operational and Structural Planning
Mitsuhiro Ogata, Group Leader Global Service Marketing, SCM, WeatherNews Inc, JP-Chiba
09.25-10.05 A Shippers Perspective - Manufacturer
Bjorn Vang Jensen, Vice President Global Logistics, Electrolux S.E.A. Pte Limited, Singapore

A Shippers Perspective - Commodities
Rajeev Kadam, President, Global Head Internal Compliance, Olam International Ltd, Singapore
10.05-10.15 Dredging, Exposure and Risk in China and South East Asia
Wai Yue Loh, Partner, Ince & Co, CN-Beijing
10.20-10.30 Q&A
David Taylor
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break in the Foyer  
11.00-11.25 The Elephant on the Ship
Roderick Johnson, FNI MIIMS, Marine Risk Management Director, RSA, UK-London
11.25-11.50 Criticality & Strategies in Loss Prevention in the Life Sciences Supply Chain
Cheng Tiang Ng, Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS) and Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical
Associations (FAPA), Singapore
11.55-12.05 Q&A and Take Aways
David Taylor
12.05-12.15 Council Meeting Palais Royal, B1F
  1. Elections
Tim Pembroke, Chairman Nominating Committee
1.1. Executive Committee Members (Art. 11.3 AoA)
1.2 Auditing Company for 2016/2017 (Art 4.7, 11.5 and 14.4 AoA)

2. Elections
Dieter Berg, IUMI President
Nominating Committee for 2016 / 2017 (Art. 11.4 AoA)
12.15-13.45 LUNCH BREAK (Participants) Vendome, Etoile, Chatelet, B1F
Ginga, Akane, Hikari, Akatsuki, 29F
12.15-13.45 Working lunch for President, Members of the Executive Committee, Committee Chairmen, International Organisation Liaison Officer, Secretary General with Council Members
(by invitation only)
Niji, 29F
13.45-16.00 President's Workshop
Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) - Impact of disruptive technologies on marine insurance
Palais Royal, B1F
13.45-13.50 Introduction and Moderation
Dieter Berg, IUMI President
13.55-14.05 IPP Presentation
Cyber Risks
Alberto Batini, Partner, Batini Traverso & Associati, UK-London
14.10-14.35 Data Analytics and Blockchain: An Insurance Perspective
Dr. Ermir Qeli, ‎Head Analytics Modelling & Prototyping, Swiss Re Management Ltd, CH-Zurich
14.40-15.05 Blockchain and Cargo Insurance - will fintech change our future?
Tom Shinya, Manager Cargo Under-writing Group, Marine Underwriting Dept., Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., JP-Tokyo
15.10-15.35 Will IoT disrupt insurance?
Leonhard Forster, Head of IoT, Munich Re, DE-Munich
15.40-16.00 Discussion, Q&A and Take Aways
Dieter Berg, IUMI President
16.00-16.30 Final Session Palais Royal, B1F
  1. Introduction IUMI Asian Forum April 2018, Singapore
Mike Davies, Chief Underwriting Officer, Marine, Asia Pacific, XL Catlin, Singapore,
IUMI Special Envoy for Asia

2. Thanks and Wrap-up
Dieter Berg, IUMI President

3. Handing over of the IUMI flag to the South African Delegation
Japanese and South African delegation members
Yuji Ito, Managing Director, The General Insurance Association of Japan
Mamoru Otsubo, General Manager, The General Insurance Association of Japan
Viviene Pearson, Chief Executive, South African Insurance Association SAIA
Mike Brews, Chairperson Cape Town Organizing Committee, Horizon Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd

4. Information on the Cape Town Conference 2018
Viviene Pearson, Chief Executive, South African Insurance Association SAIA, ZA-Johannesburg,
Mike Brews, Chairperson Organizing Committee, Horizon Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd, ZA-Johannesburg

5. Closing of the Conference
Dieter Berg, IUMI President
17.00-18.00 Meeting of the Executive Committee with Chairmen of the Technical Committees and Liaison Officers Concerto, B1F
From 17.30 Transfers to Japan Evening  
19.00-22.00 JAPAN EVENING Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa
Until 22.30 Transfers to Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba  

Thursday, 21 September

Time Event Room (Location)
09:00-12.30 Meeting of the New Executive Committtee Fantaisie, B1F
12.45-15.00 Lunch Executive Committee Japanese Restaurant Oshima (Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba, 3F)


Floor Plan



1 FLOOR (Ground Floor)

1 FLOOR (Ground Floor)








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